48h game concept development for the Arabic speaking markets!

AGJ BEIRUT – Game Concepts 2015

Game concepts 2015 – Beirut Edition

Our first Arabic Game Jam abroad was a hit with a lot of dedicated participants!  And of course it resulted in many great games!

We have three winners and two honorable mentions. The winners are presented first.

Closed Borders

Team: Ram Raw

Ramsay Amarin
Rawad Raidi

Read about more the game here: http://www.unicorn7.org/games/game/631/

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Find Katkout

Team: NewGen team

Seifeddine Ben Hamouda
Maroen Ounis
Imen Mahjoubi

Read about more the game here: http://www.unicorn7.org/games/game/630/

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Team: Dervish

Yassine Arif
Abdelilah Sawab
Mahdi Annassi

Read about more the game here: http://www.unicorn7.org/games/game/634/


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Team: Groovy Antoid

Fouad Tabsh
George Habr
Omar Al Fil

Read about more the game here: http://www.unicorn7.org/games/game/633/

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Team: Urth

Hussam Kazah
Samir Kazah

Read about more the game here: http://www.unicorn7.org/games/game/629/


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Third Culture Blocks

Team: Jemamu

Walid Hokayem
Anthony Nemer

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Team: Marocomp

Hassan Ayoub
Marwan Hijazi
Jihad Ayoub

Read about more the game here: http://www.unicorn7.org/games/game/626/

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Mena Race

Team: Mena Race

Azzeddine Rimini
Joseph Azzam

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Digital Desert

Team: Outside in the Sun

Karim Fleifel
Hassan Mourad

Read about more the game here: http://www.unicorn7.org/games/game/638/

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Fine Line

Team: Pixel Dune

Ameen Altajer
Zainab Ansari
Abdulmonem Ali

Read about more the game here: http://www.unicorn7.org/games/game/628/

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Mr. Crabby

Team: Raheeb

Youssef Ouazzani
Abdellah Alaoui Mdarhri
Mohamed Riad Aboulethar

Read about more the game here: http://www.unicorn7.org/games/gam…

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Turtle Mania

Team: Tweagle

Hedi Mejri
Nader Khedheri

Read about more the game here: http://www.unicorn7.org/games/game/627/

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