48h game concept development for the Arabic speaking markets!

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Glyph Hunters is multiplayer game playable in a web browser with a smartphone as a controller.

Scan the QR code or enter the URL to join the hunt for the glyph.

It is possible to play solo or in cooperation. If there is no player connected, the game continues to run until a new player connects, always ready for you to join!

The game loops forever and transitions between two states: a “lobby” screen that players use to join the game, and a “game” screen to hunt for the glyphs.

Each glyph requires you to solve a riddle: from a list of four words, pick the odd one. A wrong answer and you are back to your tent! Good answer? You can get a number of points depending on the difficulty of the riddle.

The purpose of the game is to run forever on a shared screen. People passing by can join at anytime by scanning the code. They can also leave without interrupting the game.

Team 8
Abdelilah Sawab
Frej Rokka
Jeremy Toulup
Hussein Taher

Jurys words:
“We really thought this game had the most interesting use of technology, and could develop to something bigger”

Go to download here!