48h game concept development for the Arabic speaking markets!

Skärmavbild 2015-05-26 kl. 10.53.28

Game play tips

  1. Block the sand particles with the solid walls
  2. Keep the archaeologist far away from the side with the sandstorm
  3. The archaeologist is always moving in the same pattern
  4. The sandstorms are always coming from the same direction and changes the same way every play through
  5. The sarcophagus will reveal its contents if damaged by the sandstorm! Maybe it is better to let whatever inside rest?

Team 3
Julia Håkansson
Katarina Kärnekull
Oskar Lundkvist
Jonas Karlsson
Magnus Falk

Jurys words:
“Sandstrom has an interesting core mechanic and it was easy to understand but hard to master!

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