48h game concept development for the Arabic speaking markets!


FAQ – All you need to know!


What is a game jam?
= a 48h non-stop game concept development, together with a lot of inspiring people!

How do I apply to Arabic Game Jam?

Where is the Arabic Game Jam happening?
At K3, Malmö högskola, Östra Varvsgatan 11A in Malmö, Sweden.

If you are coming from the Central Station, the bus to take is number 5 towards Västra Hamnen, where the bus stop is called Ubåtshallen. Alternatively you could also take bus number 3 to Ringlinjen and get off at the bus stop Dockan and walk from there.”

You can see the map here: https://maps.google.com/maps?q=kranen%20malm%C3%B6

Arabic Game Jam 2015 takes place May 22-24th!

Does it cost anything to participate?
Nope, we even offer our participants food, the whole weekend through!

Apart from Malmö, where else can I go game jamming?
Nordic Game Jam, the world’s largest game jam, is organized in Copenhagen February 6-8. On their website there is a lot of inspiring material to take part of, go take a look!

Who is behind Arabic Game Jam 2015?
Media Evolution organizes AGJ2015 with the financial support of Malmö Stad, Region Skåne and European Regional Development Fund. Other partners are K3 Malmö University and Fourpick.

To develop a game concept in 48 hours, where do you begin?
Some of the participants have previous experience in game development, others don’t. To help the development teams along the way, we created a manual: “The Manual – Game Jam Advices” that contains tips and advice on the design process. Using the manual is not a requirement, but it serves for basic support when getting started or a little stuck. The manual is based in part on previous game jam participants’ experiences and their lessons learned.

When is the design mission presented?
On friday evening, the first day of the jam, the design assignment for Arabic Game Jam 2015 is revealed. This is when participants are informed of the guidelines that they should start their games concepts from. As well as the main theme of “Arabic-speaking markets”, further themes shall be presented that all teams must adhere to.

How are the teams put together?
During the first evening all participants get the chance to mingle and maybe find someone they want to team up with. It’s not expected for participants to arrive in teams, but it’s of course fine if they do so!

What kinds of technical equipment, development tools and software are available?
Sketching materials, pens, paper, post-it notes, whiteboards.
This year people will bring their own equipment but we have extra computers for those who does not have their own!

Wireless connection?
Yep, all participants will receive login details for the wireless network.

Are there scanners?
There is a scanner station with two scanners.

Are there kick-ass lectures also at AGJ2015?
Of course! Our opening speakers are David Pohlfeldt CEO at Massive, Ditte Deenfeldt from Massive and Osama Hussein from Ubisoft Morocco.

Will the game jam site be open around the clock?
Yes, teams can work on-site for 48 hours straight if they wish. All participants receive a key-card to the room and can come and go as they please.

Will food be served during the jam?
Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks will be served to all participants. All vegetarian.

Who owns the game concepts that are developed?
The teams and creators of the games during Arabic Game Jam holds all IP rights to their digital artifacts. All games must be posted in the state they are in as of the close of the AGJ event (Sunday). If the team/makers of the game wish to upload subsequent versions, they are welcome and we will host and archive them. Participants who wish to use a certain Creative Commons license or any other specific license is responsible for stating so as well as communicating this through the published material.

I’m a journalist and want to report on the Arabic Game Jam, who do I contact?
Ulrika Hjertner project manager, +46 (0) 703 306 906, ulrika@mediaevolution.se.