48h game concept development for the Arabic speaking markets!

David Polfeldt (Managing Director at Massive Entertainment  (a Ubisoft studio)

David Polfeldt has been working with games since the late 90’s, starting at Icon Medialab and eventually joining Massive Entertainment in 2005. With a background in the Swedish comic underground scene, he later graduated from Konstfack with an MFA in Graphic Design & Illustration. He has held positions in both TV and Advertising as Art Director, Head of Production, Chief Creative Officer, Director of Marketing, and since 2000 he has been managing several successful Swedish game studios. Currently the Managing Director at Massive, David has the ultimate responsibility for all aspects of the projects produced at the studio. Massive has an impressive history of high-quality titles, ranging from Ground Control and World In Conflict to Assassin’s Creed Revelations and Far Cry 3. More recently the studio has also released the groundbreaking Just Dance Now which brings the worlds biggest dance game to the mobile market. Today, Massive is working on the worlds most anticipated title for the new generation of consoles: Tom Clancy’s The Division.

Ditte Deenfeldt (Open World Director at Massive Entertainment)

Ditte Deenfeldt has worked as a Game Designer at Massive since 2008 on titles such as World in Conflict, Far Cry 3 and currently Tom Clancy’s The Division. Ditte loves game jams and has participated in Nordic Game jam for many years – sometimes even proudly winning awards. 

Osama Hussain (Engine Programmer at Ubisoft Casablanca and co-founder of Moroccan Game developers)

Osama Hussein is avid gamer and developer who has been working in the game industry for more than a decade, got several games under his belt such as Rayman Origins and Just Dance 2014. Also, Osama co-founded Moroccan Game Developers with the aim of spreading knowledge and awareness of game development in Morocco.

Yassine Arif (Game designer at Ubisoft Casablanca and co-founder of Moroccan Game developers)

Arif Yassine is a passionate gamer and game designer graduated in Audio Visual and Level Design in Campus Ubisoft, he worked for 5 years in a several titles as Rayman origins and Rayman legend in Ubisoft Casablanca. Also, founded Moroccan Game Developers, a collective which aims to promote video game development in Morocco.



Jacob Lind (The game assembly)
Nikolaos Theologou (Tarsier studios)
Ahmad Alsafar (Play3arabi)
Erik Nilsson (Paradox South)

The coaches will hang around, ready to give advice and inspire, and to help the teams on their way!